Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Greg Plitt is coming Down Under!

Spend up to 4 hours with America's No 1 Male Fitness Model and personality for slightly more than the price of a Personal Training session on the beautiful Gold Coast, Greg has done it all!


He has appeared on the cover of at least one magazine every month for the last four and a half years, totalling over 150 covers! He has featured on several TV shows, several Hollywood movies and is now a million dollar “fitprenuer”


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Get yourself a Bangn Bodz body

For those of you based on the Gold Coast near us, you need to give this Boot Camp a go.  You will enjoy success regardless of your age, fitness level or experience.
Bangn Bodz clients achieve results through setting and smashing goals. Goals are a major part of the challenge because they push to your desired end result. Having a written goal gives you something to plan and work towards, keeps you accountable and helps us track mini-milestones on your way towards hitting your goals.

They run a variety of bootcamps, 1-on-1 training sessions and offer nutritional advice to get the best results possible.

Some of the Xwear team have be doing their bootcamps and the results have been amazing with what they have achieved in only a few short weeks.

We are also proud to be partnered with them for their current 12 week challenge as the winner will receive a range of Xwear gear to show off their new Beach Body in!

Have a look at their website:
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Thursday, March 6, 2014

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Peter flexing in his AussieGold Swimsuit

Well we thought we'd share the first of a series of pics of Peter Picciano for you. 

Who thinks he looks great in the AussieGold swimsuit and wants to see the other shots?

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Get yourself some DudeFood!

Are you a guy who has wanted to cook but doesn't know where to start?

It is every male’s right to know how to increase the size of his arms and open a beer with their six packs. However a lack of knowledge can be quite a problem. 

The DudeFood series is here to educate, motivate and inspire men of all ages. With its colloquial dude language and easy to read recipes Dude's no longer have an excuse to avoid the kitchen bench.

Think of your next Sunday BBQ with the boys and lucky girls. Following its simple scenarios and dude colloquial language you will turn your milk and cereal into a breakfast spread fit for what you would think a King but really yourself, a Dude. This book is full of secrets and banter that will make your new life of cooking simple, easy and fun. 

Get your copy - Order yours today...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

thorty1days - by Joshua Bredl


This is what the plan is all about…31 days to better yourself with Josh along side you.

Josh will create a PDF that will walk you threw day by day guiding you, workouts, he will work different muscle groups each day throughout the week, yet never preform the same routine, constantly mixing it up each week and shocking the body. A general structure of a meal plan and shopping list, where you will get to pick and choose different clean foods from a list and piece meals together, health tips, do's and don'ts, daily motivational emails and posts, he would deeply encourage that you take a pic the day you begin, and every Sunday through out the month, for a chance to win future benefits and a possible shout out. 

He will have you fill out a quick survey at after he receives your payment of 31$ through

- Go to
- If you don’t have a paypal set one up! Its easy!
- Go to Send Money tab
- In the TO: box send to
- In the amount box: $31 (for 31 days!!)
- Click the “I am sending money to family or friends”   to stay away from fees.
- Click Continue
- ***Important*** Before you click SEND, please input your Name, email, instagram name! This well help him identify you!!!
- SEND!!

The program is designed to be done at the gym. The plans grocery lists will be sent out JUNE 26th and the rest JUNE 29th!

Once you pay you will be added to the list! He will then send you the link to the survey.
The survey will be short and allow him to assess you as a client, gender, age, ext.

If you compete the month and enjoy the experience you will qualify to receive a discounted rate to his other offered plans.




Friday, June 7, 2013

From Amazing Race to Amazing Music!

The Chippendales breakout stars of CBS' "The Amazing Race" have gone musical. Or if you want to get technical, they've actually just gone back to their musical roots.

"Long before Chippendales ever happened we were both in music," explains Vaughan.

Both have had success in their individual music careers but never released any collaborative efforts, until now.

Vaughan (Jaymes) has released several pop songs in the past and performed in various reviews throughout the world, while Davis (James) has fronted several successful progressive metal bands, including most recently, My Name Engraved.

For the first single off their upcoming EP, the duo has teamed up with international producer Tanzer to blend their styles and create the dance track "Light Up The Skies" - which is sure to "heat up" the summer music scene.

But, the song is more than just about having fun, for the duo it has real meaning too.

"To me it's about losing my Dad and making the most of every moment after to make him proud," says Vaughan. "I told him he'd see me win a Grammy one day, and dammit I am still gonna make that happen!"

"But, it's also about us taking the leap to start this musical journey together," says Davis. "It's even got a few hints of the fear you face when starting a new relationship - something for everyone."

"It's purposely got multiple meanings so everyone can identify with it, but the underlying message of make the most of now is very clear," adds Vaughan.

This duo is more than the pretty faces who became stars from "The Amazing Race." To the skeptics who only know the guys from their reality show fame and not from their musical past, their acclaimed producer Tanzer has strong words. "Behind the adonis good looks and media machine are two very talented artists with a musical vision and goal," says Tanzer. "Pay attention to these guys."

"Light Up The Skies" blends rock, rap, and pop into a dance track that is sure to make you want to get up and make the most of every moment or at the very least, just dance.

And it is already gaining some serious attention. The debut single from the duo landed on the iTunes Dance Charts within just hours of it’s initial release.

“I couldn’t believe it, I looked at my computer screen and there it was, our names!” says Vaughan.

“He called me up and asked me to double check cause he thought he was hallucinating,” adds Davis. “So I checked, and there it was. I was speechless!”

“Light Up The Skies” is now available for digital download worldwide on iTunes and

Jaymes and James will also be embarking on a summer tour to promote their upcoming EP with stops in Chicago, Houston, New Orleans and Miami, just to name a few.

For more information and tour schedule visit

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